Bootcamp; one of the great opportunities to try out this great form of sport at the HLA retreats. So many reasons why not to excersise, stop making excuses and find the inner power in you to be strong! We give you great resources to find your inner tiger; no excuses anymore!


Find your drive


Become an early bird. Willpower isn’t an unlimited resource — the more you use it throughout the day, the less you have left at night to force yourself to go to the gym. That’s why some people get in their workouts in the morning, when their drive is at its maximum levels.

And that’s not the only reason to become a morning exerciser. “If you wait until later in the day, it’s a lot likelier that things will pop up and get in the way of working out, “Your kids go to bed early”, so do the same. That way you can wake up and work out, knowing that you’ve already done something for yourself that day.”


What kind of bootcamp workout will you be doing?



Yes. The cardio portion of the workout burns fat, while exercises like planks, mountain climbers, and sit-ups work the abs and other core muscles.



Yes. This workout includes many different arm exercises. Some, like bicep curls and tricep kickbacks, can be done with hand weights or weighted balls. Others, like push-ups and walking planks, use your body weight to strengthen muscles.



Yes. Many boot camp programs include squats, lunges, and other leg moves.



Yes. This program includes several exercises for the glute muscles, including squats and lunges.



Yes. Boot camp targets every major muscle group in the body, including those in your back.


What type of workout will we be doing?



Yes. Boot camp programs typically include stretching. Some also include exercises borrowed from yoga.



Yes. Boot camp involves a lot of high-impact exercises, like jumping jacks and mountain climbers. And because you move through the sequence very quickly, you breathe hard — and sweat hard.



Yes. The exercises are designed to strengthen muscles all over the body.


With a qualified trainer this form of sport is safe for every level. Excersices will be modified to the level of the sporter. Will you join us?