It’s so special to start this week with snow. The winter season has really started. I am personally not the greatest fan of winter. I quickly get cold, so I prefer the warmth. In addition, I find the dark months sometimes depressing, I suffer from light fears to leave the house. I notice that since I work from home I really like the winter and do not suffer from these depressing feelings anymore. Jee!


Find your fears

I now understand better that it was a big barrier for me to get out of the door every morning, to have to face the mega-crowded traffic of Amsterdam and then have to be completely energetic behind a computer. That feels like an anticlimax. I would much rather like to start the day more physically, like Nana or Tuire, but that does not go with an office job. To overcome a small hill everyday, will eventually becomes a mountain and that will break you up.

Now that I work from home, I start the day very differently. I start with a quiet breakfast, in the meantime I watch a short series on Netflix and crawl at the kitchen table behind my laptop. In the meantime, my cats Sticky and Ayla regularly walk over the keyboard to ask for attention.

Yin Yoga

Just before noon I do yin yoga. Tuire really inspired me. Before I met Tuire I had never done yin yoga. I thought that it was for lazy people or for people who have injuries. Well, I have injuries, so on some level I could have done this already. I always did more yang yoga. I did hot yoga together with Nana.

Now that I have discovered yin yoga I am addicted. Wow! But, it is so hard !! Me with my stiff body, with muscles that are far too short are giving me a hard time. I have noticed that since I do this yin yoga practise the pain in my hips is better and sometimes it even disappears for a while! If I skip it a few days, then I have more problems with my hips again. I am therefore positively surprised!

Be open for change

If I kept on dabbling in my old rhythm every day, I would never have discovered it. It is nice if you sometimes meet inspiring people who can change small things in your life that ultimately have a big effect!

What I would like to give to you is that it is important to understand why certain things are easy for you and other stuff is more difficult. And what effect this has on your mood. I now understand that winter is actually a very nice period, only that it is an extra difficult period in the year if you do something that does not suit you. The other seasons are a little easier.

If you  want to try new things and see if you can get new insights, then I advise you to join us with our winter retreat.